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Learning by doing improves the knowledge and exposure of students. Mbezi High school helps students develop problem solving skills as it is a frequently cited goal of science educators. Science teachers help students learn and think logically, beacause high school laboratory and field activities should emphasize not only the acquisition of knowledge, but also problem solving and decision making.

Mbezi High School is equiped with sufficient Laboratories to catter for the demand of their students. The Laboratories are also equiped with sufficient equipments to support all practical sessions held by students. The school has the following laboratories: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geography Laboratory.

Boarding Students
Although not as common as a bus ride, the experience of going to boarding school can only be described by students who are in boarding environment.

The boarding school environment is an educational necessity, and some even find it a chance to appreciate their home in a deeper way. So much good writing (or speaking) comes from comparison and contrasting things that truly mean something in one's lives. While these pieces don't shine with humour or wit, they do offer a serious view on the importance of seizing every opportunity offered.

A typical day in the life of a boarding student begins with Mbezi High School experience offers students many opportunities for growth in areas other than academia. Students gain leadership skills through programs such as student government, Head Prefects and class monitors and monitresses. Day students are encouraged to spend time on campus after their regular commitments to enable them to share as much as possible in the boarding experience while still recognizing their status as students who live at home. They are also encouraged to participate in weekend activities. Girls Dorm a quick Breakfast served before 7.30a.m. Which is followed by a proper .breakfast at11.20am

The academic day is from 8:00 until 5.00 p.m. Students have a short time following the academic day to get lunch and supper in the dining hall, and sports during late afternoons after classes.

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